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Class Info

This yogic jewel shines every Wednesday morning from 8:15am - 9:45am, is "donation-based", held in Mooresville, NC, and for the first time is being opened to the public.  (Prior to that it was invitation only.)  This new, open invite might not last very long, so don't wait - embrace your passion and join us!      Experience ALL that yoga can provide - beyond the asanas, beyond the typical class,beyond what you already know... 

Sati's Yoga Training
While earnestly studying to become a yoga teacher around Y2K, Sati was astounded to discover that she'd been learning yoga's spiritual philosophies since age 23! Deepening her practice further, she began to study with
Shiva Rea (in 2002) and still sustains that loving teacher-student-friend relationship! For a time, she was also lucky enough to have been accepted as one of Shiva's many yoga assistants. Heart-deep in sacred Tantric studies for the last 4 years, Sati continues to hone her yogic skills and understanding of all things yoga.

Having acquired almost 2000 hours of training - mostly with Shiva, Sati often has also studied with Rodney Yee, John Friend, Gary Kraftsow, Panditji Rajmani Tigunait, Georg Feuerstien, Christopher Tompkins, Robert Svaboda, Dr. Katyayani Poole; and also to some extent with Anna Forrest, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Desire Rumbough, Amrit Desi, Sean Corn, and Andrey Lappa.

Sati also has owned and run 3 yoga studios: Yama Yoga, Spring Street Yoga, Lahiri Yoga Center. For the past 8 years she has also owned a 200-hour yoga teacher training school: Lahiri School of Yoga, and has taught well over 25 different workshops nationwide.

Sati believes that yoga should always include evolution, shakti, alignment, pranification, exploration, integration, compassion, embodiment, and FUN!

Yoga Class

Tantric Tirthas, the only class she teaches, is only for the seasoned yogi. Tantra is one of the best ways to thoroughly gain insight into the self while clearing out the body/mind.  It's a very spiritual Tapas practice that takes one into deeper levels of self discipline and compassion.  It asks a lot and gives back even more!

So if you already have a long-standing asana, pranayama, meditative, and spiritually derived yoga practice, and you want to ride this river with other yogis who are just like you, and you thirst for greater personal understanding of yoga's philosophical side as well as hope to perfect those tricky arm balances and inversions; if you adore a fluid, strong vinyasa practice with a centralized focus to ponder upon throughout the week, and you love kriyas, marmas, mudras and keeping your doshas in balance through asana and sattvic principles, AND if you've hungered to take your practice deeper than ever before, then contact Sati about this on-going class right now!

Yoga is many things to many people, but it is essential to Sati!  Beyond the healing benefits it brings to body mind & spirit (BMS!), yoga enables the individual to make solid Progression down the Soul's Path towards Enlightenment & Wholeness on every level!  Sati only teaches ONE yoga class per week. Why? Because she wants it to be exceptional.  After teaching upon the "yoga-mill" for 14 years, she finds it liberating to bring all that she has to offer (having collected almost 2300 hours of yoga training) to one group of people who truly "get" what yoga is and what it can do for them and the world they influence.

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