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Spiritual Workshops

Your resource for Conscious Progression


I love offering transformational workshops - it’s something I'm very passionate about!  My workshops are always geared towards gaining personal mastery and enlightenment, or creating harmony with the Divine, the Earth, and her inhabitants.  

I work in many states across the country and love to meet new friends on the Spiritual Path!  Since I visit several states each year, if you are interested in hosting a lecture or workshop simply contact me and let me know which workshop appeals the most to you, or what you’re hoping to achieve, where you live, and when you might like me to be there, and I’ll contact you within 48 hours.


I am happy to speak with your group on any of the subjects listed below, which is a compendium of roughly 25 workshops given over the course of roughly 23 years.  Homework & handouts are provided for free with every workshop. Time-Tested Subjects:


  • Opening to Psychic Awareness
  • Opening the Mystic Eye
  • Grounding, Grids, & General Protection
  • Trancing Healing Techniques (a training school)


  • Embodying or Connecting with the Divine; the Nature of the Spiritual Path; the Chakras and the 9 Blessings of Being;
  • Effective Manifestation
  • Embracing Past Lives
  • Moving Beyond the Self


  • Insights into Channeling & the Psychic Realm
  • Embodying Meditation
  • Embracing Past Lives

Yoga (can optionally include a yoga practice):

  • Healing Mandalas
  • The Spiritual Wisdom of the Yoga Sutras
  • Anatomy, Injuries/Illness, & Spirit
  • Past Life Awakening & Yoga
  • Sva Dharma, Your Life Purpose
  • The Evolution & Embodiment of Self /Atman
  • The Truth about Tantra & Spiritual Liberation

Astrology & Yoga:

  • Ahamkara Moksha (the Soul-Self & its Destiny)
  • Rahu/Ketu (Understanding Personal Karmas & Lifetime Cycles)
  • Hrit-Padma (Love/Emotions & Evolution)
  • Caitanya (Exploring the Expressive, Creative Self)