"I believe in and always strive to provide the truth in as many ways as possible - I'm here to help true seekers make the most of this lifetime spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

​Together we can clear out the cobwebs of ineffectiveness, or make massive strides forward on the Path, or bring light to the past, present and future.

Together we can strengthen our connection to the Soul, to the Divine; to live life from the point of truth that is our true nature; to serve ourselves, the Universe, and each other…including this amazing mother earth upon which we live – as we are meant to do."


It is my pleasure to recommend Sati.  I started using the Pilates equipment about 5 months ago.  I was having back problems. Though I have always been very active in the gym, I could not take the circuit training anymore as it was too  much for my back.  Since I started working with Sati, my back pain is gone. The results are amazing! I have a very stressful job & this helps me deal with it much better.  Pilates keeps your entire body flexible, in good balance and health. I do two sessions per week and wish I could do more. Sati is a wonderful trainer to work with!  

- Ingrid Joris

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Psychic Readings & Counselling

I can't even express what an important part Sati (Lisa) played in my life. For several years she helped me with her psychic abilities and her channeling. She helped open my mind to the whole Universe and all my wonderful guides. She helped to find my granddaughter with her psychic powers when she was abducted. I will be eternally grateful to her. I am so pleased that she is going back to serving all of us again with her extraordinary gift. Bless you Sati (Lisa) and good luck.
​- Cheryl in Colorado Springs

I've had the good fortune of meeting Sati over twenty years ago. As a client of hers, little did I know at the time of our first meeting what a wonderfully life changing and life enhancing connection it would prove to be!
At the time, I suffered from daily anxiety, night terrors and general situational depression. Sati’s services, both in the form of channeling and her one-on-one intuitive readings provided me with the insight and self-awareness that I needed to begin the healing process. Her services encouraged me to look inward to discover my own answers, my own guidance system, a divinely customized system perfectly designed to assist me.
Sati’s high-level channeling and highly accurate intuitive readings provided me with what traditional religion and mainstream counsel could not. Prior to working with her, the majority of people and/or organizations that I crossed paths with only offered a superficial external advice and/or counsel. I credit Sati for assisting me and lovingly guiding me to find my own answers.
I extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude for her and all that she has graciously assisted me with. Over the years and in my line of work I encounter many a provider of intuitive / healing services. I consider myself a healthy skeptic. I’m quite selective in terms of whom I trust to provide such services. This considered, Sati’s highly evolved skills complimented by her exceptional character still make her my first choice when selecting an intuitive service provider.
If you’re reading this and considering the unique possibility of experiencing her services then please know that this life enhancing opportunity to work with one of the best in the business has probably crossed your path for a very fortunate reason.
- Jeanne L. David

I have had the privilege of knowing Sati for more than 15 years. She came into my life after I experienced a traumatic event.  I had been counseled by five different traditional counselors before I met her and kept running into roadblocks with customary therapy.  I would get to a certain point in my healing process and then feel that I had hit a brick wall; thus, seeking someone who could make sense of my situation.  Although grateful for the conventional counsel that I received during that time, I needed guidance and answers other than were experienced through “traditional” therapy.

Having been recommended, I made an appointment with Sati and was given the gift of my life back.  Through her kindly guidance and counsel, I finally started to heal.  Sati is an extremely gifted psychic who is able to bring forth the spiritual guidance one needs.  She is remarkably accurate with the information she receives and presents it in a caring and humorous way.  With Sati’s psychic, astrological, past life and channeling gifts, I was able to understand more of what had happened in my life.  With those perspectives, I learned how I contracted events and people in my current lifetime.  Sati has given me unconditional guidance and love throughout my experiences with her over these many years.
Not only did I gain my life back, I received the absolute gift of her friendship.  Throughout the years, Sati has continued to psychically connect with my guides and has given me endless personal guidance to help me continue to move forward. Words are ineffable to describe the influence that she has made in my life.  I just adore her!!!  She truly is one of a kind.
Sati is very accurate.  A recent example of her precision happened this past spring when she informed that I would most likely move from Colorado this summer, but would probably be more comfortable moving a year from now.  I was fine with the “year from now” statement as I didn’t think I could possibly get my act together and move by summer!  She was able to view my new residence, which was confirmed by recent architectural plans that had been drawn up for my future home, which she had no knowledge of.  Sati taught me how to pay attention to what my guides are trying to tell me and how they help me in life.  In May, “signs” started to show up (shortly after my reading) to make a decision on moving to the east coast.  I paid attention and started to “purge” stuff in my home and put my house on the market in July.  My home sold within a day and I am absolutely certain that Spirit is guiding me.  This is only one of the many correct readings I have received from Sati throughout the years.  This is also a reminder that people plan, and God does!!  Sati has taught me to never take anything for granted.
It would be anyone’s privilege to experience Sati’s unique and exceptional gifts and talents.  She is an extraordinary being indeed!
- Anonymous, Colorado


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I've taken several yoga classes over the years, and Sati's are by far my favorite.  She begins each class with a message that is reflected in the yoga poses. Experiencing yoga both physically AND mentally really adds to the practice. Sati also goes beyond the typical downward dog and warrior poses and challenges students to push the boundaries of their bodies...but only as far as they're comfortable. She provides plenty of variations to each move so everyone can get the most out of the lesson.  I've surprised myself several times by achieving a new position that seemed so difficult at first, and always leave the class feeling relaxed and positive. Sati is a gentle and patient teacher and has an optimistic outlook that brightens the entire class.  I  would highly recommend her as a yoga instructor! 
- Valerie, Cornelius, NC

When I found out Sati was opening her own studio in the Lake Norman area I was more than ecstatic. Having re-located to North Carolina from the Philadelphia area and leaving a yoga teacher and studio that I loved, I was concerned that I'd have a difficult time finding the right teacher. After 10 minutes of taking Sati's class and hearing her carefully pronounced Sanskrit and discussion about an ancient yogic text, I was re-assured that I was in good hands. Not only are her classes fun, challenging and light-hearted, she goes into depth about traditional yoga teachings and provides us with lessons that can help us in our everyday lives. As a former yoga teacher myself, I understand the involvement of teaching a class, and I can assure you that if you take a class with Sati, you are being taught by a really great teacher. She has an excellent eye for carefully aligning and adjusting her students in a pose, taking each individual to their own limit. She has a great understanding of human anatomy and helps students get into more challenging poses with correct preparation. She is equally good at providing a fun and challenging class as she is at providing a safe environment. Yes, Sati's classes can be challenging at times, but don't be surprised to hear random jokes in the middle of a pose that may cause you to giggle!

- Anna French, Cornelius, NC
Sati is an extremely knowledgeable and fun teacher. She always kept me motivated to drive 30 miles one way to attend her yoga classes!  She is very supportive and I clearly love her classes.

- Pam Palm, Monument, Co