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"I believe in and always strive to provide the truth in as many ways as possible - I'm here to help true seekers make the most of this lifetime spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

​Together we can clear out the cobwebs of ineffectiveness, or make massive strides forward on the Path, or bring light to the past, present and future.

Together we can strengthen our connection to the Soul, to the Divine; to live life from the point of truth that is our true nature; to serve ourselves, the Universe, and each other…including this amazing mother earth upon which we live – as we are meant to do."

$90 for 1 hour.           $110 for 1 hour and 15 minutes.           $135 for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Please make sure to book the amount of time you think you will need, as often my sessions run back to back.  Most sessions usually span 1 hour.  If you schedule time for an hour & 15 min, and we only use an hour, you will only be charged for an hour.  Sometimes a reading can run longer than one hour due to client need.  Under these circumstances and assuming I have the availability, I will offer you the option of continuing or ending the session.  Otherwise, all sessions start and end exactly on time.

Private Sessions

I absolutely love offering readings to Serious Spiritual Seekers!; people who are ready to embrace the truth within, those who need spiritual guidance on their Soul’s Journey, or those who truly are ready to break free from the past. I specialize in:

  • Sacred Tarot - everyday needs from the Soul’s perspective

  • The Soul’s Path - an over-all view of this lifetime and it’s purpose

  • Karmic Trends - set patterns, habits, and the Karmas of this lifetime and the past

  • Multi-Life Readings - past lives in relevance to this one

  • ​Moving Forward Freely - discovering the things that both "stop you" and move you forward towards liberation 

                      Breakthrough Momentums and Life Solutions are given free, with every reading!

I do not wish to provide readings for entertainment, so I don't do parties, nor will I provide you with lotto numbers. The majority of psychics don’t really get lottery numbers anyway – that’s mostly a marketing myth.