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Sati offers psychic readings to cover a wide variety of topics, but she loves to focus on those subjects that bring you closer to your Truest Self.  By understanding past and present life correlations of karmic or soul-level influences, or by creating cutting-edge manifestations, you can reach your highest potential here and now!  Let Sati help you progress forward on the Path (spiritually) towards creating & sustaining a whole and balanced life in which you naturally draw the truth of your heart’s desire into Being with every breath!

To schedule a reading with Sati, please call 1-704-728-0197 or 1-855-592-9642 (toll free).

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Sati Chappelle has been a psychic reader, spiritual teacher, full trance channel, past life expert, lecturer, counselor, manifestor and writer since 1989. She’s also been a professional yoga teacher since 2000, a yoga teacher trainer since 2006, and a therapeutic Pilates Apparatus teacher since 2009. Also, she was initiated into the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage in 2014. 

​Sati offers her expertise regarding manifest life (this incarnation) in relation to the Soul, past/present life Karmic Trends, Life Solutions and Breakthrough Momentums to people all around the country and beyond!

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