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About Sati

"I believe in and always strive to provide the truth in as many ways as possible - I'm here to help true seekers make the most of this lifetime spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

​Together we can clear out the cobwebs of ineffectiveness, or make massive strides forward on the Path, or bring light to the past, present and future.

Together we can strengthen our connection to the Soul, to the Divine; to live life from the point of truth that is our true nature; to serve ourselves, the Universe, and each other…including this amazing mother earth upon which we live – as we are meant to do."

Your resource for Conscious Progression


Sati Chappelle has been a gifted spiritual teacher in several professional capacities for over 25 years. Having taught spirituality, growth, and change through the lens of metaphysics, esoteric thought and yoga philosophy, Sati has helped many thousands of people attain various levels of personal mastery, self-improvement, and even physical healing.  It’s always to this end that she applies her psychic gifts. Additionally, she has helped people open to their own psychic awareness, understand potential earth changes, learn to manifest correctly, and simply to choose more wisely for themselves via discernment of deep personal and worldly truths.

For well over 12 years she successfully trained people to heal others, do readings, or provide chakra balancing for any in need.  Also, from 2006 to 2013, she trained people to become amazing yoga teachers and bring the healing balance of yoga to others. Sati’s workshops are always geared towards personal mastery and creating both compassion for, and unity with, those around them, including the Divine aspect as well as the earth and her inhabitants.

All of the above is done through her ability to provide personal and group teachings, or via detailed psychic readings, past life revelations, lectures, workshops, guided meditations, group yoga classes and workshops, or even through her writings. However, full trance channeling and bringing projections and manifestations to life are two of Sati’s true dharmic callings - because she doesn’t channel her guides and master teachers, she channels yours.  The difference is immediately understood once experienced, and the immensity of the energy the guides bring through is certainly palpable even to those who aren’t psychically sensitive!

​Finally, as a therapeutic Pilates Apparatus teacher (since 2009), Sati helps to bring healing to injured or challenged parts of the body, working privately with individuals to shift either short or long standing physical issues.

​Ultimately, returning to doing psychic work after completing a long cycle of intense personal introspection, growth and Soul connection, Sati brings her expertise regarding manifest life in relation to the Soul, past/present life Karmic Trends, and Breakthrough Momentums to people all around the country

​Ask important questions, learn the truth.